Socials 9

Course Overview

Welcome to Social Studies 9!

The history of the world is like an intricately woven tapestry. In the middle of the weaving process sometimes all that can be seen are the threads. Even though the tapestry is not complete, we can examine the threads to gain understanding of where the artist is heading. These millions of threads are woven together to create the ultimate creation, the tapestry. This is how history works too. Sometimes it is hard to see the whole picture, but if we look at the threads we can better understand our place in history and where the Artist is taking us.

In Socials 9, we will follow threads of Canadian history from its beginning to 1919. This 300 years of history that set the foundation of our modern global structure within Canada and around the world. Rather than a brief overview of this time period, you are going to look in-depth at crucial moments in the past that continue to shape and define countries and cultures around the world today, including Canada. This era was a time of nations striking out to discover new lands, to conquer and grow their empires. Migration occurred as nations sent out settlers to create new civilizations. It was a time of first peoples being invaded, colonised and adapting to new realities. The result of these amazing feats of courage and innovation has been a need for justice and reconciliation. There was also global wars and major revolutions and political stirrings that the world hard never seen before. As you study the bravery, innovation and injustices of this era we would like you to ask yourself: What can we learn in order to become justice seekers, to practice redemption and reconciliation?

In the story of Canada, you will see many times where our forefathers tried to weave wisely but in the end, these threads ended up tangled mess and the wrong colours and motivations. This is why as citizens of Canada today, we seek justice, mercy and restoration as the Artist requires that we, “do justice, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God?” (Micah 6:8). Keep this in mind as you examine historic events and the motivations behind them in this course.


Time Commitment:

This course consists of three 45 minute lessons per week, for 28 weeks.


Students are required to stream videos, download and print  or complete assignments online, scan (either by taking pictures or physically scanning) and upload their assignments within Moodle.

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Ordering Information

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