Science 9

Course Overview

Unit 1: Earth Science

Are you curious about how you can use your voice to influence social change on Scientific issues?  This is your chance to make your voice count, learn about the power of social media in impacting social change. Practise your social media skills by learning how to tweet, just to your teacher for now, and then how to change that into a Rick Mercer style “rant” and you’ll be ready to use your voice!  In this module on the interconnectedness of the different spheres on Earth, you will be given the opportunity to share your opinions and learning through tweets and rants. Get ready to use your voice to bring light to topics you wish were better understood or topics you have a passion about!

Unit 2: Biology

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a genetic engineer, a genetic counsellor or a fertility doctor? Now is your chance! After you meet three couples who come to you for help, you’ll examine DNA, study genetics, read about Designer Babies, model cell division and explore biotechnology and bioethics before coming to a conclusion about what to do in each scenario.

Unit 3: Physics

Zap, crackle, pop! Hopefully you’ve not heard those noises in relation to electricity, but if you have, you can attest to the power behind it. What is electricity and how does it work? Students will dive into creating circuits and understanding how power works and then be given the opportunity to design a power map for a school that currently does not have access to power.

Unit 4: Chemistry

What in the world is the world made of? Discover answers to important questions that have been asked for thousands of years, and uncover the mysteries of what matter is made of at the smallest scale! We’ll be exploring the Periodic Table of the Elements and understanding why it has the amazing order it does. Learn about how atoms can connect together to form minerals, metals, rocks, water, and more, and why it’s all about electrons!


Time Commitment:

This course consists of 4 modules, Biology, Earth Science, Chemistry and Physics. Each module is designed to take approximately 10 weeks. Each week consists of three 60 minute lessons in addition to assignments, quizzes and project work.


Students are required to stream videos contained within the course content, download and print assignments and note packages, scan (either by taking pictures or physically scanning) and upload their assignments within Moodle.

Ordering Information

Ordering Information

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