Bible 9

Course Overview

Bible 9 is centred on the idea of mastering one's Bible study skills. Some of the topics covered include the origin and inspiration of the Bible as well as how it came to us and the writing of the canon. Other topics taught in this course focus on translation issues, paraphrasing versus standard translations and how to do a 3-step inductive bible study.

This course will focus on the Bible, how to read it, the question of inspiration, translation, the use of induction when studying scripture, Biblical themes, literary themes, application, and devotional usage.


Time Commitment:

Based on a semester pacing, this course is based on 5, 45 to 60 minute lessons parts every week.


Mastering Bible Study Skills”. We will be going through this book throughout the course. All assignments are supplied within the course and will either be uploaded within, or posted
directly to, the course in their appropriate locations.

Ordering Information

Ordering Information

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