Science 7

Course Overview

Unit 1: Earth Science

Climate change – a controversial topic and one that affects everyone. But does it affect everyone the same? What are the injustices that present themselves in the discussion around the topic of environmental change? How has God designed our world to deal with climate change? Students will engage with the topics and decide for themselves which side of the fence they represent and do so by creating a collection of political artwork along with other activities throughout the module.

Unit 2: Biology

Become a naturalist and board the HMS Beagle for a tour of the Galapagos Islands! As you embark you will learn how to prepare for such a journey, and then begin your tour of the incredible islands. While there you’ll learn scientific art and become one with the birds, discover how they’ve adapted to their surroundings and why these adaptations have occurred. Then you’ll take your knowledge and apply it to the creation of your own island with different plants and species.

*We understand the varying opinions about this topic within our community and have included a Letter to the Parents where we have provided some rationale and ways to engage with the material to firmly input your family’s Biblical worldview as your student goes on their virtual learning journey!

Unit 3: Physics

Dive into the world of engineering as you explore how to help the town of Heritage Valley as they need a different green energy source! God created our world, full of resources for us to use. You will create tools to test three different sources of power and come to a conclusion of which one you feel is suitable for their needs. You’ll have to take into consideration how electricity works, the pros and cons to the different sources of energy and overall cost of the building project! Hurry now, the town needs your help!

Unit 4: Chemistry

God has designed each and every element, pure substance and compound right down to the atom. So, we have elements, pure substances and compounds, but what’s the difference? And what is this so called ‘Periodic Table of Elements’? Students will get the opportunity to see detailed Element Highlights through each lesson and build their own highlight reel for the element of their choosing. On top of that, they will design their own lab from start to finish involving the creation of compounds and testing different hypotheses!


Time Commitment:

This course consists of 4 modules, Biology, Earth Science, Chemistry and Physics. Each module is designed to take approximately 8 weeks. Each week consists of two to three 45 minute lessons in addition to assignments, quizzes and project work.


Students are required to stream videos contained within the course content, download and print assignments and note packages, scan (either by taking pictures or physically scanning) and upload their assignments within Moodle.

Ordering Information

Ordering Information

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