Science 5

Course Overview

Unit 1: Biology

As students dive into the depth of the human body and learn how different organ systems were designed to function they will be asked to put on their lab coats and join a team of intern doctors on their way to diagnosing a severely ill patient. By the end of their journey through the body they will be able to accurately diagnosis the patient based on the symptoms they presented and some suggested diseases. They will have created a medical file for that patient and create a report to deliver back to the patient with their findings.

Unit 2: Earth Science

Our Earth is created from many materials that change and morph as they move through cycles and can be used as natural resources in the different phases. As a student who is looking forward to a job opportunity, you’ve been asked to evaluate different natural resource companies about what they do and how they do it. You will learn about all the amazing resources God created us to care for and use wisely. In the end, you are asked to compile your information and create an infographic to demonstrate what you’ve learned and which company you’ve decided to work for!

Unit 3: Chemistry

Clean water is a gift from God and something that everyone requires. What makes up clean water and how can we go about finding, or making it, if we can’t find it to provide it for all who need it? Students will dive into Chemistry with a study of solutions. They’ll discover what makes a solution and different methods to separate solutions. They’ll also explore the Scientific Method – how to craft a lab themselves and apply what they’ve learned in a hands on application.

Unit 4: Physics

Chores! Nobody likes them, but the majority of people have to do them, even better if they can be done with a God honouring attitude. So, how can you make your chores easier? Students are tasked to build a compound machine out of simple machines in order to assist with an assigned chore. Meet Adam, a grade 5 student who is also the designer of the “Water Block”, and after learning about the 6 different simple machines, you’ll get a chance to create your own machine, just like Adam did!


Time Commitment:

This course consists of 4 modules, Biology, Earth Science, Chemistry and Physics. Each module is designed to take approximately 7 weeks. Each week consists of two 40 minute lessons in addition to assignments, quizzes and project work.


Students are required to stream videos contained within the course content, download and print assignments and note packages, scan (either by taking pictures or physically scanning) and upload their assignments within Moodle.

Ordering Information

Ordering Information

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