Studio Arts 12

Course Overview

The very first thing we know about God in His Word (Genesis 1) is that He is a creator and master artist... "God saw all that He had made and it was good". What a privilege we have as believers to share in and reflect God's creative handiwork in the visual arts. Visual arts education provides unique opportunities for students to respond to and create images as an essential form of communication, indispensable to freedom of inquiry and expression.

In Studio Visual Arts 11/12, students will engage in a directed studio practice. As often as possible students will be given freedom to select their media and approach to expression. Within that context they are asked to view and reflect on the image development approaches of other artists and art movements. Students will keep a sketchbook, complete a mixed media self portrait, defend an ethical stance related to artistic creation, create a series of work exploring their own theme and media choice, study compare and emulate the image development techniques used in Aboriginal art from different parts of the world. Finally, students will be asked to complete an intensive study of an artist from Canadian Art History and a personal visual statement.


Time Commitment:

It is expected that students spend at least 90 minutes each week to complete this content in a timely manner.


Students are required to read course content, keep in contact with their teacher, photograph or scan images of their work in process and at completion, uploading their assignments within Moodle.

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Ordering Information

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