Pre-Calculus 12

Who wants to be a scientist? How about an engineer, or computer programmer? If you answered yes, then Pre-Calculus 12 is the course for you! We learn about exciting things like:

Function Transformations

Does math ever seem to abstract? Well this section is about abstracting our abstractions! Confused? Watch the videos, it's actually quite fun!

Polynomial and Rational Functions

Who couldn't love polynomials? Did you know you could divide polynomials and get remainders? This topic, is basically just math 7 over again, except instead of numbers, we get to do all that fun stuff with polynomials!

Function Operations

Who doesn't love a good mash-up? Why not mash up your functions by adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing or composing them? (No de-composing allowed)

Exponents and Logarithms

The Richer Scale is a logarithmic scale! The PH Scale is also logarithmic... what does this mean? Find out in our Pre-Calculus course!

Trigonometric Functions

Ever felt like your just bobbing up and down like a buoy in the ocean? Ever wanted to model that mathematically? Now you can!

Trigonometric Equations

Who says there just has to be 1,2,3 or 4 solutions to a problem. Why not have equations that have infinite solutions!


In this chapter we learn to count. For real, no joke, this chapter is all about counting how many of something there is. Sound easy? This is usually the most challenging section!

All of these topics above are presented in a fun-video format, and uses StudyForge technology to deliver the course in an extremely exciting and interactive way. This course is also the final step before that all-mysterious topic... Calculus. Don't miss out, sign up for Pre-Calculus 12 today!

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