History 12

Course Overview

History 12 encompasses the major developments in world history in the 20th century with a focus on international relations in the years 1919-1991. During the course, students will investigate the causes, events and effects of:

  • An aspirational, ascendant geopolitical (and personal) orientation
  • Sociological changes, economic shifts and technological developments
  • Imperialism, nationalism, international diplomacy and cooperation
  • The two World Wars, the Cold War, and other more localized conflicts
  • The development and implementation of political ideologies
  • The failure of humankind to sustain the empire imaginary



  • None. Social Studies 10 and Social Studies 11 recommended but not required.

Course Credits:

  • 4


  • A Map History Of The Modern World: The aim of A Map History of the Modern World, Second Canadian Edition is to tell the story of the twentieth century through maps that are directly tied to an overview page of text. In each case, the text gives you the main features of the events or trends for a particular issue or region. The map highlights where the events take place and provides a visual representation of the key points of the story.
  • Global Forces of the 20th Century (3rd Edition)


Using a thematic approach, students explore themes including international confrontation and cooperation, global interaction during the interwar period and World War II, the superpower phenomena and contemporary global interactions.


  1. Global Forces of the Twentieth Century
  2. The First World War
  3. Reconstruction of Europe
  4. The Third Reich
  5. The Soviet Union and the United States (1917-1941)
  6. Japan's Ascendency in Asia
  7. The Second World War--In Europe
  8. The Pacific War
  9. The United Nations
  10. USA/USSR The Cold War (1945-1963)
  11. The Soviet Bloc: Challenges and Consolidation
  12. The Middle East
  13. Nationalism in Asia
  14. The People's Republic: China after 1945
  15. The United States and its Sphere of Influence
  16. The Gorbachev Revolution
  17. The Legacy of the Soviet Collapse
  18. Pax Americana
  19. Globalization Glossary Bibliography Index

Resources Needed:

  • Global Forces of the 20th Century: ISBN# 9780176202965
  • A Map History Of The Modern World: ISBN# 0772521107
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