Geography 12

Geography is a discipline that integrates many topics in an attempt to gain a more holistic, ethical and other oriented understanding of the various systems of the Earth. Through the study of Geography students will develop a sense of stewardship for the Earth, using their understanding of environments, people and places to become effective workers in the preservation of the natural order. Simply put, the purposes of this course are:

  • To focus on the relationship between people, places, and resources
  • Help you understand the interconnections between your actions on a daily basis, and their impact on creation
  • Help you analyze a more ethical and balanced stance on the environment, conservation and, generally, stewardship of the entire natural order
  • Increase your understanding of Earth's physical processes
  • Underlying all this, it is hoped the course will enhance student analysis and research in obtaining these objectives

The topics discussed in Geography 12 are:

  • Weather
  • Climate
  • Tectonic Processes
  • Gradation Processes
  • Nature of Resources
  • Management of Resources
  • Sustainability of Resources
  • Mapping

Please note: This course is fully textbook free. Although you will be provided some external resources to utilize inside the course lessons, you will be expected to actively engage in effective research at a level appropriate to Grade 12.

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Ordering Information

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