Chemistry 11

Course Overview

Chemistry 11 is intended to give students an understanding of many principles of modern chemistry. It is a survey course, some of topics have been covered in previous science courses and some will be extended or covered for the first time. After completing Chemistry 11 you should be able to understand the chemistry underlying many of the natural processes and God’s creation around you. Much of the pleasure of chemistry is found in the variety of colour changes you will see and the manner in which crystals grow, gases and solids suddenly form, and energy is given off or absorbed. In true experimental work, you should experience a sense of wonder, awe and surprise! Chemistry is fun!

Unit Overviews:

  • Unit I and II: Introduction to Chemistry
  • Unit III: Physical Properties and Physical Changes of Substances
  • Unit IV: Inorganic Nomenclature (Naming)
  • Unit V: The Mole Concept
  • Unit VI: Chemical Reactions
  • Unit VII: Calculations Involving Reactions
  • Unit VIII: Atoms and the Periodic Table
  • Unit IV: Solution Chemistry
  • Unit X: Organic Chemistry


Time Commitment:

This course consists of 19 lessons that cover the ten units of the Hebden Textbook. Each lesson has 5 ‘days’ that represent one traditional class period plus homework. Each lesson is designed to take approximately 5-7 hours of study.


Textbook: Students are guided through the paper-based Chemistry 11: A Workbook for Students, HEBDEN textbook in the online course. This comprehensive textbook provides the students with clear, solved, examples. This is followed by practice exercises. The solutions and answers to all questions are available to the student.

Calculator: Students will need access to a basic scientific calculator. A graphing calculator is not necessary in this course.

Students are encouraged to be engaging with their teacher as soon as they need help and as often as they need help to avoid reliance on the answer key.

Assigned work is handwritten, scanned and uploaded to the hand-in boxes in a pdf file at the end of each lesson.

Unit tests are completed online with no written component.

At the end of the course all students write a supervised course final exam to verify their unsupervised online work.

Students may be asked to meet with their teacher to work through some course concepts to verify their unsupervised mastery in a Knowledge Verification Tutorial. Students will have notice and will be asked to review material that they have already been tested on.

Resources Needed:

  • Hebden Chemistry 11 - A Workbook for Students: ISBN# 9780968206911
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Ordering Information

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