Marketing 11

Course Overview

Marketing 11 introduces students to the entire process of imagining a product and bringing it through the production and distribution cycle to the end user, the consumer. Although marketing is mostly associated with advertising, much of its study involves the strategic relationship between all elements of production and the consumer segment for which the product is targeted. Research of consumer tastes and attitudes as well as cultural trends in general will inform everything from the shape, size, colour and price of a product, even how it will be branded, advertised and eventually sold. To this end, students will have the opportunity to conduct market research and prepare an extensive marketing plan, as well as study a number of successful and less successful historical campaigns to get “a feel” for the marketing process and its intricacies. The approach will combine theoretical and practical engagements with opportunities for cultivating intuitive understandings so that in the end, a “marketing sense” is developed - that distinguishing feature that characterizes the most successful practitioners.

The course will begin with the study of the consumer and their cultural habitat: those most rudimentary and “affective” elements of motivation that help marketers understand the psychology of buyers. Once familiar with the consumer, we will look at the product and how it is developed in response to fickle market realities. Finally, the role promotion plays in communicating the product’s benefits will be explored in depth. Overall, students will have worked with the complete analytical framework used by professional marketers to get a comprehensive look at the most prolific field of modern business. As well, within and throughout every unit, a biblical lens will explore marketing as a powerful vehicle for understanding God’s sovereign hand over the most intimate realities of consumer and corporate life. By the end of the course, the marketing field will have much to say about our creatureliness and our longing for heaven, especially in the scheme of fall and redemption.


Time Commitment:

100 hours (3 hours/week linear)

Resources Needed:

  • Marketing Dynamics: ISBN# 0773049711
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