Visual Arts: Art Studio 10

Course Overview

Studio Arts 10 provides students with a very complete art program. Students will keep an art journal; create two dimensional compositions in pencil, pencil crayon, oil pastel and acrylic paint. Students will create three dimensional compositions using plaster and assemblage methodologies. There is also an art history essay for students to complete.

The course integrates art history through a Picasso project and a series of projects focusing on Canadian art. The course culminates in an independent project where students are asked to create a visual statement while interpreting a Biblical narrative.


Time Commitment:

It is expected that students spend 90 minutes each week to complete this content in a timely manner.


Students are required to read course content, view streaming videos, keep in contact with their teacher, photograph or scan images of their work in process and at completion, uploading their assignments within Moodle.

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