AP English Literature 12

Course Overview

Advanced Placement English Literature is designed to strengthen the student’s ability to read and interpret the various genres and motifs in literature. It will incorporate weekly writing assignments about literature to help the student learn to write and think with a more focused point of view. The end result of the course will be the opportunity to take the AP English exam. This exam is seen as an added bonus and the course will not be taught solely for the purpose of the test. The course will be structured somewhat like a freshman college course; therefore the student will have will have projects and assignments that will be worked on independently. The literature will be drawn mainly from English literature but selections of world literature will be incorporated as well.

The AP exam is optional and so the cost for the exam is not included. Students will receive 4 Grade 12 level credits for this course but it will NOT fulfill the English 12 credit needed for graduation. Also, because of the exam time line and course intensity, this course must be taken linearly, finishing in May.


  • King Lear DVD Shakespeare's story of King Lear, who divided his kingdom between those he loved and trusted, and then was deceived and lost what he held dear.
  • The Norton Anthology of English Literature, Eighth Edition A legendary bestseller for more than forty years, The Norton Anthology of English Literature is the classic survey to the field from the Middle Ages to the twenty-first century. With more than ninety authors, the Major Authors Edition deepens its representation of essential works in all genres, ranging from Seamus Heaney's award-winning translation of Beowulf and Shakespeare's Twelfth Night to the greats of the nineteenth century, Blake and Wordsworth, Tennyson and Barrett Browning, to twentieth-century classics of a truly global English literature, Conrad's Heart of Darkness, Woolf's A Room of One's Own, poetry by Derek Walcott, and prose by Nadine Gordimer and Salman Rushdie, to name but a few. Color plates over seventy-five in all bring to life the cultural concerns of each period. Concise glosses and annotations, period introductions, biographical headnotes, timelines, and selected bibliographies help readers understand and enjoy the rich diversity of English literature.
  • The Universe Next Door : A Basic Worldview Catalog (4th ed) When The Universe Next Door was first introduced nearly thirty years ago, it set the standard for a clear, readable introduction to worldviews. In concise, easily understood prose, James W. Sire explained the basics of theism, deism, naturalism, nihilism, existentialism, Eastern monism and the new consciousness. Now the fourth edition refines the definition of worldview itself, incorporating Sire's thinking and teaching during the past decade. (His recent work is showcased in a new book, Naming the Elephant, also published by IVP.) The Universe Next Door has been translated into several languages and has been used as a text at over one hundred colleges and universities in courses ranging from apologetics and world religions to history and English literature. With the publication of the fourth edition, this book will continue to aid students, teachers and anyone who wants to understand the variety of worldviews that compete with Christianity for the allegiance of our minds and hearts.


Time Commitment:

Single and dual-credit options are available. Standard 80 hour course for single-credit version, 160 hours for dual-credit version.

Resources Needed:

  • King Lear DVD: ISBN# 0769712231
  • The Norton Anthology of English Literature: ISBN# 9780393928327
  • The Universe Next Door: ISBN# 9780830827800
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Ordering Information

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